1. Can I trust to shop on this site?

Many people are concerned about the security of online transactions. We are able to ensure the safety of navigation on our website and the quality of products sold. And' safe to buy here, we continue to have your payment information on the site once you purchase. They also do not provide personal data to third parties.

2. Is my personal information secure?

Yes, the information provided to be used for making legal documents related to the transaction and delivery.

3. And' safe to use my credit card?

And' safe to use your credit card. Because our secure layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and the best software for e -commerce transaction.It will encrypt your credit card number and details.

4. Can I change or cancel an order?

When a command is sent to us through our web site, we tend not to change or cancel the order. The order will be processed automatically when you click "check out". You can contact our customer service if you want to make a change when you want to change. However, due to the above, we can not guarantee that your order will be changed. We send the products after your order with us within a few hours.

5. How long would it take to deliver the product after payment was made?

We deliver your product within 2 working days of the transaction or the approximate date of delivery which you mentioned in the order form, whichever is later.

6. If the order is lost in transit?

We provide the new order, in case of loss in transit.

7. What are the payment terms?

We accept the following credit cards directly with our account: Visa, Master card etc. For the customers for the first time, make sure you place your order to your billing address, or we will deny your transaction.

We also take orders paid by Western Union and bank transfer if you wish to pay, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.